Prabhu Raman, Founder
Bolingbrook, Illinois

Since he graduated from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), India more than 25 years ago, Prabhu has come of age in the field of IT. However, his child like curiosity and urge to create remains the same. During his spare time, he is an avid chess player. During one of the games, he stumbled upon enpassant, a strategic move that helps one to capture opponent's pawn on the move. Thence he envisioned a company named enpasse. Just like the move in chess helped him win several games, the mission was to arm the clients with the latest technology so they could have an edge over the competitors and place them strategically in winning position. Prabhu has led several projects to success as Chief Architect and VP of Engineering and is now cradling Enpasse as mobile and social media applications dramatically enhance our lives.

Arvind, Executive Advisor

Arvind has over 16 years of experience architecting IT solutions. Aravind's high point is his energy and capacity to dream and envision. During company calls, he often has to be contained as his excitement and vision, over new trends and possibilities they create, shoot the roof. He has managed several large mobile projects and is Enpasse's mobile evangelist. He believes that the current wave of mobile technology is nothing short of the internet revolution of the 90s.

Deepak Barua, Principal
Linconsulo Group, Chennai, India

Linconsulo includes a team of IT professionals who have provided technical consulting, business integration, business strategy, IT development and testing for a number of high profile companies and startups. Linconsulo has been at the forefront of technology for 5 years and has now merged with Enpasse to develop applications for mobile and social media. Please look at History to see some of their work and their offerings.

Cool Minds, Inc,
Offshore Partner
Kochi, India

CoolMinds was founded in 2002. It runs a dedicated complete Indian offshore facility for Incomm an Atlanta(Georgia, USA) based company that runs transactions worth $5 billion annually. It has played a key role in building an e-commerce ASP(Application Service Provider) platform for them.

Company is experienced in software architecture, design and development for e-commerce, m-commerce, mobile phone, web, database and client-server applications. CoolMinds has executed both T&M as well as Turnkey projects for various clients.

The offshore facility has a 50 developer team that has developed mobile applications for mid to large size clients. Some of their clients are:

Please visit them at

Some of their work is listed below:

MiJay - a free social networking application that allows you to view and share what music your friends are listening to on their iPhone and iPod Touch in real-time.


2006: Linconsulo Group

Under the leadership of Prabhu Raman and Deepak Barua, Linconsulo Group focussed on cloud computing and developed several internet applications around it. Here is some of their work in brief:

Portable-OS: Portable-OS is secure Linux based computing on a USB-drive.It is preloaded with a full suite of office productivity applications. You can read and store files to USB-drive from either Windows or Linux.


Google Apps setup: Google Apps is a suite of powerful, yet low cost, messaging and collaboration tools hosted by Google. Linconsulo helps companies install google apps remotely and train them so they can leverage the apps to run their business more efficiently.


Online Book Store: An eBook portal that employs bitcoin, P2P Virtual Currency, to offer books online.

2011: Enpasse

New venture targeted for mobile and social media market is formed. Linconsulo remains the offshore development partner. Enpasse provides strategic and technical consulting and is also engaged in product development in these verticals.